PDA Module – Benchmate Power in the Palm of Your Hands!

The PDA Module for Benchmate captures maintenance activity and equipment condition for Scheduled Jobs, as well as, ‘on the floor’ maintenance, as it occurs. Benchmate PDA Module ensures accuracy, timeliness and completeness. Jobs assigned to a technician are downloaded to the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and displayed as a list of jobs. Activity for unplanned jobs and emergency requests can also be recorded.

When a job is started – either by scanning the equipment bar code label or tapping the job list, detail screens are opened showing detailed job description including Tasks and Parts Lists. Parts used are recorded either by scanning the part bar code label or tapping the parts list and recording the quantity used. A Comments window provides for technician’s notes. A Sign-Off page indicates work is complete, who worked (when & how long), down-time, start & stop date-time and Cause Code.

When the PDA is docked, recorded activity is uploaded to the Benchmate Service Log screen. Completed PM jobs are rescheduled while completed Work Orders and Trouble Calls are closed. Partially completed jobs are marked as STARTED.