December 2016 CMMS eNewsletter

The Honeywell CT50 will be placed at the entrance to a storeroom where a technician will ‘grab’ it to identify parts used on a job, issued to a cost center. It will also be used to verify inventory. The main purpose is to track part usage. The device is a mobile computer with a scanner.

The Honeywell Dolphin DT50 is rugged, runs Windows 10 OS and integrates nicely with Benchmate. It captures real-time data and can grow with growing maintenance demands.

Bar Codes for Inventory II features:

  • One-hand operation with side-trigger for scanning
  • Large 4.7″ screen
  • Rugged and build for industrial use
  • Takes high resolution photos, videos and signatures
  • Long-life battery for all day use
  • Single piece construction-no sleds or components to replace
  • Superior support from Honeywell Scanning & Support Division
  • Window 10 OS integrates nicely with Benchmate CMMS for long life
  • Data collected can be transferred via Bluetooth or WiFi as collected…no more batch transmissions

Call Benchmate at (360) 678-8358 for upgrade details.

Benchmate would like to Welcome Aboard:

Facility: Abrisa Technologies

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Designs, manufactures and distributes precision optical coating solutions and custom glass fabricated optical products.

Selected Benchmate CMMS for:

  • Simple, easy-to-use with minimal data entry
  • Cost
  • Installation – short and straightforward