October 2016 CMMS eNewsletter

Do you often check out 2–3 parts hoping that one will fit? Or have you stopped the machine, removed the part to get the Manufacturer and Part Number and realized you need to order the part?

Benchmate has the information you need in one, easy-to-find screen.

The Benchmate Equipment screen lists the spare parts for each equipment. It describes each spare part including quantity-on-hand, cost, storeroom location & equipment used on. You can also review the equipment’s maintenance history from this screen.

Here’s how Benchmate helps you manage your parts:

  • Spares screen shows list of equipment using that part.
  • Parts list on PMs and Work Orders serve as a convenient ‘pick list’ when selecting parts for the job.

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Benchmate would like to Welcome Aboard:

Facility: Alpine Power Plant
Location: Elmira Township, SE of Gaylord, Michigan

Wolverine Power Cooperative Alpine Power Plant units are operational and have become the largest and most efficient generator in Michigan north of the Ludington-Midland line, including the Upper Peninsula.

Notable project facts:

  • Successful startup in September 2016
  • Produces up to 410 megawatts for 120,000 homes
  • Benchmate Systems on site for two days to train & build database
  • Equipment data imported to save time
  • 100 PMs built and operational