Benchmate System Overview

Benchmate understands that more effective maintenance management begins with better organization of maintenance data. To provide maintenance departments and associated users with easy access to the data they need, Benchmate is designed with six major, functionality-specific screens—each organized logically for simple information access.


Single screen identifies and describes each equipment, its components, spare parts, maintenance history and related documents.  Focal point for many users.  Single screen identifies for each equipment spare parts, maintenance history and associated documents.

Preventive Maintenance

Describes and schedules jobs for periodic maintenance and inspections. Each PM contains a task list, parts list and links to related documents.  PMs are automatically rescheduled when closed.

Work Orders

Describes, schedules and tracks planned maintenance activity. Tasks, parts lists and related documents are included for each job. Work orders are automatically closed when work is completed.

Trouble Calls

Quick and convenient way to request maintenance service. Typically used by operators, production supervisors, engineers & managers.

Service Log

Single screen to close jobs (PMs, Work Orders & Trouble Calls). Can also record unplanned maintenance. Records complete maintenance activity for each job and equipment.

Spare Parts

Describes each spare part including quantity-on-hand, cost, storeroom location & equipment used on.

Advanced Inventory & Purchasing Module

The Advanced Inventory and Purchasing provides additional capability to help manage your spare parts inventory. It is required with the optional Bar Code/Inventory module.