Benchmate Multi-Site Configuration

If you have geographically separated facilities to support from a single, centrally located server, Benchmate can handle it through our multi-site configuration.

Benchmate CMMS can run as an Internet application through your Windows Internet Explorer® over low, voice bandwidth phone lines. Geographically separated plants or facilities are served from a single location using Benchmate Multi-Site configuration which has the following features:

  • Benchmate CMMS runs on a centrally located server that serves all sites.
  • Each site communicates with the server over a low, voice bandwidth network. To conserve bandwidth and provide suitable response, just the screen images and keystrokes are transmitted between the server and remote sites.
  • Communication between each remote PC and the Benchmate software on the server is controlled by TSAC (Terminal Services Advanced Client). TSAC is a Windows 32®-based ActiveX® control (COM object) that runs Terminal Services sessions within Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Each site will have its own database on the Server.
  • Each user may access for one or several sites. Access to each site is controlled by passwords. (Each site maintains its own passwords and may accept users from other sites.)

Benchmate CMMS can run as a web application through your Windows Internet Explorer® over low, voice bandwidth phone lines using Terminal Services Advanced Client – a free Microsoft program. Using TSAC, administrators can publish Benchmate CMMS via a Web page.

TSAC is a high-encryption, RDP 5.0 client and uses RSA Security’s RC4 cipher with a key strength of 40-, 56-, or 128-bit as determined by the server it is connecting to. TSAC uses the well-known RDP TCP port (3389) to communicate to the server. Unlike some other display protocols, which send data over the network using clear text or with an easily decodable ‘scrambling’ algorithm, TSACs built-in encryption makes it safe to use over any network, including the Internet, as the protocol cannot be easily sniffed to discover passwords and other sensitive data.

Terminal Services, TSAC and Windows Operating Systems are licensed by Microsoft.