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December 2010 CMMS eNewsletter

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PDA Module
The PDA Module for Benchmate captures maintenance activity and equipment condition for Scheduled Jobs, as well as, ‘on the floor’ maintenance, as it occurs. Benchmate PDA Module ensures accuracy, timeliness and completeness. Jobs assigned to a technician are downloaded to the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and displayed as a list of jobs. Activity for unplanned jobs and emergency requests can also be recorded.
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Southern States - Farmer owned since 1923

Southern States Cooperative Reaps Benefits from
Planting Benchmate’s PDA Module, nation wide.

From Roanoke, Virginia to Park City, Kentucky, Southern States Cooperative (SSC) Maintenance Staff and Supervisors are enjoying multiple benefits with the nationwide implementation of Benchmate’s PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) Module within their plants.

“Morale has been boosted since implementing the PDA system. The guys turning the wrenches feel like they are part of the process now. They are constantly finding merits to Benchmate’s PDA Module, we hadn’t even considered. Our Maintenance Supervisors are now gathering real-time information from all jobs logged. We’ve boosted productivity by performing more focused PM’s, thus eliminating most of the 10 minute breakdowns that happen throughout the day.” says Clint Westergard, Plant Engineer – Southern States Cooperative.

As one of the nation’s largest farmer owned cooperatives with over 300,000 farmer owners, and 1,200 retail locations in 23 states, SSC is constantly assessing its maintenance processes and performance, to enhance service and boost the bottom line.

Their investment in Benchmate’s PDA Module furthers a commitment to improving maintenance decisions, activities and investments with streamlined communication and access to real-time equipment data; right in the palm of their hands.

“Now that everyone sees how the plants benefit from the PDA system, it helps our maintenance team manage our business head-on, versus, fighting problems as they present themselves. We are getting a tremendous benefit in cost justification for projects/capital and Preventive Maintenance optimization. We now know where we should be spending our time,” says Westergard.

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“Critical Jobs” One Click Monitoring

Description: Critical Jobs - representing essential equipment down, special preventive maintenance, major repairs – can be displayed by selecting Job Lists Critical Jobs on the main menu bar.

‘Current’ open Jobs - those having SCHD status, one of the specified Priority Codes and within the specified date range will be displayed.

Job Lists
Critical Jobs

Each Job can be displayed by ‘double clicking’ the JOBID.

Setting Up: The Benchmate Setup program establishes criteria for jobs to be included in the Critical Jobs window. Make sure no one is running Benchmate and then open the Benchmate Setup program (Start _ Programs _ Benchmate _ Set Up). Then select the Switches and Timer page. The Critical Jobs Selection area specifies the jobs for the Critical Jobs window.
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